This or That: St. Martin | St. Maarten

We asked our Instagram followers to pick their favorites in a “This or That” style post in our Stories. Here’s the results!

We asked our Instagram followers to pick their favorites in a “This or That” style post in our Stories. Here’s what we asked!

This or That? Pick your favorites.

  • French Side or Dutch Side
  • Mullet Beach or Orient Beach
  • Carib (Beer) or Presidente (Beer)
  • Ti Punch or Rhum Punch
  • Jetski or 4-Wheeler
  • Maho or Simpson Bay
  • Baie tongue or Baie Rouge
  • Pool or Ocean
  • Catamaran or Speed Boat

Here are the results we received.

  • French Side
  • Orient Beach
  • Carib
  • Ti Punch
  • Jetski
  • Simpson Bay
  • Baie Rouge
  • Ocean
  • Catamaran


The French side is well known for its beautiful villas, exceptional food and lots of privacy. We have some great villas to buy and rent on the French Side, St. Martin.


Orient Bay Beach is located on the French Side, St. Martin on the North-East side. It’s one of the more popular beaches on the island with its watersports, beach restaurants and the all-natural section on the south end.


Carib Beer is a staple in St. Martin and the rest of the Caribbean. You will absolutely take a picture on the beach holding one of these golden and blue bottles. It’s an easy to drink, refreshing beer that is perfect to drink while laying out. Drink Responsibly.


Ti Punch, pronounced “Tee Paunch” is the Caribbean’s Old Fashioned. It’s small but mighty. It really packs a “paunch!” Want to make one for yourself? It’s pretty simple. 2 Ounces of Rhum Agricole (dark or light), 1 bar spoon of cane syrup, 1 lime wedge. That’s it. Drink it slow and drink it carefully.


St. Martin / St. Maarten is the perfect island for a jet ski tour. See the island from an entirely new perspective and enjoy the speed and power while flying over the waves. Contact our concierge to plan your perfect jet ski tour!


Simpson Bay on the Dutch Side is a popular spot for events, restaurants, and nightlife! Here are some restaurants we recommend trying.

  • Avantika +1 721 584 1444 Thai Cuisine $$ – $$$, Lunch & Dinner 
  • Isola +1 721 544 3872 Italian Cuisine $$ – $$$, Dinner 
  • IZI Ristorante Italiano +1 721 544 3079 Italian Cuisine $$ – $$$, Dinner
  • Jimbo’s Cafe +1 721 544 3600 Tex-Mex $$ – $$$, Dinner 
  • Little Bamboo +1 721 544 2693 Sushi $$ – $$$, Lunch & Dinner 
  • Pizza Italy +1 721 544 1928 Italian Cuisine $$ – $$$, Dinner
  • Roxxy Beach +1 721 520 2001 Signature food & drinks $$$$, Lunch & Dinner
  • Sal e Pepe +1 721 527 5019 Italian Cuisine $$ – $$$, Lunch & Dinner 
  • Shiv Shakti +1 721 544 2205 Indian Cuisine $$ – $$$, DinnerTop Carrot +1 721 544 2421 Healthy Vegetarian Fusion Cuisine $$ – $$$, Breakfast & Lunch


Baie Rouge Beach is located on the French Side in the Terres Basses region. What makes this beach so wonderful? The sand is warm, the water is beautiful, it’s often not too busy, and has easy and available parking!


A catamaran is a beautiful way to relax while enjoying the beauty of the island. Contact our concierge to book your catamaran tour.

What do you think about the results? Let us know in the comments.

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