Update on many of the beaches since Hurricane Irma

The following article will discuss the current state of many of the beaches after Hurricane Irma.


Mullet Beach is still the hopping beach it has always been. There are two different areas to rent beach chairs and umbrellas. The bars are no longer standing, however, you can still purchase drinks and food at different tents set up. The water is clear and the beach is clean. A great place for an adventurous afternoon.


Baie Longue Beach has become an incredibly private spot. It’s rare to see too many people here. The beach is clean and the water is beautiful. An excellent place for those who enjoy taking long walks, especially around the sunset hour. Baie Longue Beach House located directly on this beach and is available.


Plum Bay is still the private getaway it has always been. With clean white sand and warm crystal clear water. The water can get a little rough at certain times, but this will bring surfers which is a thrill to watch.


Cupecoy Beach is located directly across from Porto Cupecoy and those who stay at Porto Cupecoy will want to go for an easy to access, walkable beach. There is a tiny beach bar here called Cupecoy Beach Bar for happy hour and to watch the sunset. It’s an excellent spot.


Maho Beach has the world famous landing zone! It’s a thrill to experience. The only difference here is the number of planes coming in for a landing. Besides that, Driftwood Boat Bar is up and running as well as Sunset Bar & Grill. Dunes Casino is also open and ready for anyone who wishes to gamble.


Orient Bay beach has changed. At the moment the restaurants and beach bars aren’t up and running. The beach is quite a site to see though. It’s absolutely huge. Many people who have been on the island for 30+ years are saying it looks like the beach they remember upon first arriving in SXM. The seaweed should be cleaned up soon as the bars are rebuilding and we believe it will be cleaned up soon!
Bikini Beach will be opening this week (June 20th). The below pictures was taken at the end of May and since then, they have made huge progress.

Orient Beach Village is open and has some incredible spots to drink and get dinner. A new location is Sao: Asian Factory. This restaurant has some amazing sushi and a great vibe.

Overall the beaches are all looking great! The water has never looked so blue.
They are available for those who want to lay out and get some rays.

Is there a beach we didn’t cover that you have questions about? Leave it in the comments!

St Martin|Sint Maarten Beaches

St. Martin / St. Maarten Beaches

With 37 beaches to choose from on the island of St. Martin, picking the right one can often be overwhelming. The following are some of the top choices when it comes to catching some rays and enjoying the wonderful Caribbean ocean.

Baie Rouge

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches on St. Martin. Baie Rouge is one of the more popular beaches with restaurants that have excellent food for eating in your swimsuit. The beach is always alive but still has a relaxing atmosphere. Our luxury La Perla Estate is located directly on Baie Rouge Beach and features incredible privacy, making it the perfect romantic getaway. There is a small rock arch which can be seen from Villa Esprit De La Mer, where comfortable swimmers will go through to enjoy a small secluded beach at the base of the cliffs. If you’re looking for a relaxing beach with food and a swimmable ocean water, this is the beach for you.

Orient Bay

This is the largest and most popular beach on the island and is located in the north-eastern part of St. Martin. Orient Bay beach offers a full range of tourist amenities, including beach restaurants, shops, and water sports. If you’re looking for a beach that truly gives you that vacation spot feels where the entire family can find an activity whether kite surfing, jet skis, windsurfing or just having a bucket of beers to sip on, then Orient Bay is your best choice. And for those really wanting to take their vacation to the next level, there is a section of the beach where getting tan lines is not an issue. The naturalist area is located on the south part of the bay, offering restaurants, bars, and activities.


There is no possible way to make a list of beaches on St. Martin/Sint Maarten without mentioning Maho Beach. This beach couldn’t get any closer to the airport runway without being directly on it. While packed with people from all over, Maho Beach brings quite the crowd of tourist all there to not only see the underside of a plane, which appears to graze the hands of people reaching up but to also feel the power of the jets during take off. While we don’t recommend going here with your big beach hat and a good book looking to relax, we do recommend going for the entertainment. You won’t see anything like this anywhere else in the world.

Happy Bay

Happy Bay is home to the quintessential tropical beach. It is one of the island’s most beautiful beaches and has managed to preserve its authentic and untouched charm. To reach it will require a 10 minute hike, but we promise you, it’s worth it. Lined with coconut trees, Happy Bay’s white sands are ideal for charming your loved one with a picnic or a romantic day out.

Anse Marcel

Got young children who aren’t quite ready for the big waves of the Ocean? Then Anse Marcel is the perfect beach for you. The bay is protected on both sides which allows for an extremely calm water. It’s a sheltered and well-developed beach in the north of the island.

Plum Bay

Secluded Plum Bay, or Baie aux Prunes in French, is just beside Long Bay and well known to surfers. The beach is very little visited during weekdays, although beautiful and without a doubt one of the most peaceful and romantic beaches on the island.

Baie Longue

Located in the heart of the Low Lands on the western coast of the island, Baie Longue, or Long Bay, is the first beach on the French side of the island, when traveling north from the Dutch side.

One of the longest and quietest beaches on the island. It’s accessible by a parking lot in the gated community of Terres Basses. With there being a lack of restaurants and activities on the beach, it’s best for getting some peace and quiet. This beach is ideal for people who enjoy walking or sometimes you just want to read a book with only the sounds of the waves.