A Night in Simpson Bay

Simpson Bay is one of the hot spots on the island of Sint Maarten. We often discuss “the night before” in our office and many times end up talking about what we did in Simpson Bay. We are a diverse team here, and yet everyone ends up in Simpson Bay, which made us realize it has something for everyone and is the perfect place to spend an evening. Below are two different examples of how Harrison (our C.O.O.) and Magali (our reservation manager) spent a recent night out in Simpson Bay.

Harrison’s Night

Happy hour is the name of the game. Whatever day it might be you are sure to find a happy hour spot in Simpson Bay. My personal go-to is Dhinghy Dock. I love craft beer and Dhingy Dock is one of the few places where you will find a great selection of craft beer. The snack menu is also one of the best on the island.

What comes next is always a hit or miss. Do I decide to go home because tomorrow is a busy day or do I continue the fun elsewhere? Options are endless in Simpson Bay.

Some of the best nights are spent at Fat Turtle, a bar located at IGY Marina. If you have never seen the mega yachts from close use Fat Turtle as an excuse to drive by some of the most beautiful yachts in the world. Beware, security will tell you to go straight to the bar, so enjoy the view as you drive by the massive sterns of boats like Limitless.

I always get hungry as I near the end of the night and pizza is a safe bet. Pizza & Co serves up thin crust pizza and it is a quick deal. It is not the most luxurious spot on Simpson Bay strip but in my opinion, it is some of the best pizza. You can always grab a pizza to go if you do not want to sit.

The perk of Pizza & Co is that it is directly opposite to one of the most famous bars on the island, Soggy Dollar. If I really want to drag on the night I can always make a last pit stop. Soggy Dollar is a fun bar and can get quite crazy. Keep an eye out for the many events that Soggy Dollar hosts every year. You might find a party that you will enjoy!

Magali’s Night

It is 7 pm and I am going to call that friend of mine that never says no to a last-minute good time. We are going to paint the town red!

I live in Marigot and we are a 10-minute minute drive to Busy Bee Simpson Bay. Simpson Bay is the heart of the action and the best place to go if you want to stay in the same region the whole night. Be prepared to have a good time!

First stop, Buccaneer`s, here we come.

The rock and roll oldie tunes are on and the Pina Colada’s are kicking in. If there is any justice in this world, I will win that cornhole game against a friendly fellow American tourist! I need that victory tonight.

Of course, we will get hungry very soon and we will have to make a hard decision.

Italian at Sale & Pepe? Sushi at Little Bamboo? Thai at Avantika? or for a change Ribbs and Karaoké at Topper’s? Many choices and always a tough decision.

(Editor’s Note: Try the free samples of Rhum in the back!)

What I know for sure is that after our delicious meal, we will end up at The Red Piano in Simpson Bay Resort relaxing and hearing live music from some of the best international artists spending their winters in SXM.


Have you spent an evening in Simpson Bay? Tell us all about it in the comments!